django-guardian is extending capabilities of Django’s authorization facilities and as so, it changes it’s security somehow. It is extremaly important to provide as simplest API Reference as possible.

According to OWASP, broken authentication is one of most commonly security issue exposed in web applications.

Having this on mind we tried to build small set of necessary functions and created a lot of testing scenarios. Nevertheless, if anyone would found a bug in this application, please take a minute and file it at issue-tracker. Moreover, if someone would spot a security hole (a bug that might affect security of systems that use django-guardian as permission management library), please DO NOT create a public issue but contact me directly (lukaszbalcerzak@gmail.com).

Running tests

Tests are run by Django’s buildin test runner. To call it simply run:

$ python setup.py test

or inside a project with guardian set at INSTALLED_APPS:

$ python manage.py test guardian

or using the bundled testapp project:

$ python manage.py test

Coverage support

Coverage is a tool for measuring code coverage of Python programs. It is great for tests and we use it as a backup - we try to cover 100% of the code used by django-guardian. This of course does NOT mean that if all of the codebase is covered by tests we can be sure there is no bug (as specification of almost all applications requries some unique scenarios to be tested). On the other hand it definitely helps to track missing parts.

To run tests with coverage support and show the report after we have provided simple bash script which can by called by running:

$ ./run_test_and_report.sh

Result should be somehow similar to following:

Ran 48 tests in 2.516s

Destroying test database 'default'...
Name                                  Stmts   Exec  Cover   Missing
guardian/__init__                         4      4   100%
guardian/backends                        20     20   100%
guardian/conf/__init__                    1      1   100%
guardian/core                            29     29   100%
guardian/exceptions                       8      8   100%
guardian/management/__init__             10     10   100%
guardian/managers                        40     40   100%
guardian/models                          36     36   100%
guardian/shortcuts                       30     30   100%
guardian/templatetags/__init__            1      1   100%
guardian/templatetags/guardian_tags      39     39   100%
guardian/utils                           13     13   100%
TOTAL                                   231    231   100%


New in version 1.0.4.

We also started using tox to ensure django-guardian’s tests would pass on all supported Python and Django versions (see Supported versions). To use it, simply install tox:

pip install tox

and run it within django-guardian checkout directory:


First time should take some time (it needs to create separate virtual environments and pull dependencies) but would ensure everything is fine.

GitHub Actions

New in version 2.4.0.


We have support for GitHub Actions to make it easy to follow if test fails with new commits.