Supported versions

django-guardian supports Python 2.6+/3.3+ and Django 1.3+. Also, we support django-grappelli 2.3.5.


django-grappelli support was an experiment. We are not going to maintain this support starting with version 1.2. It means that since v1.2 grappelli parts within guardian would be deprecated. And removed before next big release (which most probably would be 2.0).


  • We would support Python 2.7 and Python 2.6 (until Django drops support for 2.6). Since Django 1.5 we also support Python 3.3+.
  • We support Django 1.3+, however next big guardian release (v2.0) we would support Django 1.6+ (or higher, depending on the date guardian v2.0 would be released). This is due to many simplifications in code we could do. There is also a chance that v2.0 would drop support for Python 2.X.